The following is the projection of Freud’s Personas in the 3DPsyche.

Freudian Projection

Rational Ego
Material Ego Moral Superego
Physical Id Emotional Superego
Visceral Id

Note that, if you understand consciousness as the states above our level of conception—third level up in the three-dimensional cube—, it follows the Id is completely subconscious, while pretty much the whole projection of the Ego is conscious. In the case of the Superego, most of it is subconscious, only the tip of it is not. Compare this with Freud’s iceberg representation.

The following image shows divide between consciousness and subconsciousness within the cube.

Conscious vs. Subconscious

Towards the Conceptual/Analytical/Organizational
Towards the Sensual/Artisanal/Protectoral